Do these horses like their job?
Carriage horses are bred to work in harness. In fact, the exercise keeps him healthy. Horses recognize, respond to and develop affection for their drivers.

Does the pavement hurt their hooves?
No, because they wear protective shoes.

How much weight can a horse pull?
A horse can easily pull a wheeled vehicle that is six (6) times his own weight, however most carriage horses are used at only 25% of that capacity. A carriage horse averages in weight from 1200lbs to 2300lbs, therefore they are able to pull anywhere from 7200lbs to 13,800lbs.

What is the average life expectancy of a horse?
Twenty-five to thirty years. Horses have been known to live well into their forties.

Is it normal for a horse to sweat?
Yes. It is a natural cooling process, just as with people.

How do horses rest?
Horses usually sleep standing up, often with one hind foot cocked when they are working.

How often do you feed the horse?
A horse consumes two or three meals of hay/grain per day.

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